Getting ready for child care doesn’t have to be a struggle! Here are some top tips to help make your morning routine easier.

Prepare as Much as Possible the Night Before

Mornings can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to get to child care on time. So instead of doing everything in the morning, think about what tasks can be moved from the am to the pm. Bag-packing and picking and laying out your child’s clothes for the next day are two things that can easily be done in the evening.

Don’t forget, you can fast-track your own preparations, too! Pick out your work outfit the night before, pack your own lunch, and get the coffee pot prepped so you can be ready for the morning. If you have time, even doing a few chores like emptying the dishwasher and putting away clutter in the kitchen can help things go smoothly.

Ensure Your Child Goes to Bed Early

Before you can conquer the next day, you need to ensure the prep is in place. And that means ensuring your child gets the right amount of sleep. A child needs at least nine hours of sleep a night, but that can depend on the age. Without adequate sleep, your child can become fussy, easily agitated, and slow, making your morning routine more stressful. Put your child to bed early and know you’re setting them and yourself up for success.

Create a Command Station

Have a hard time remembering where you put your car keys, wallet, or where your child put their shoes? It’s time to create a command station. This is a common spot for the important things that you may easily misplace – car keys, backpacks, shoes, wallets, etc. – so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute or when you’re running late.

A table by your door is a great example of a hub you can use. A bowl can be your catch-all for keys, wallets, and the like. Backpacks and shoes can be placed under the table for easy access. On your way in, you can place these items in their spots. On your way out, they’ll be ready to be grabbed!

Batch-Cook Breakfast

If you need to feed your child breakfast before daycare, consider batch-cooking breakfasts. Cooking ahead of time and having food ready to go to make your mornings just that much easier. Some examples of batch-cooked breakfasts include egg muffins, overnight oats, breakfast muffins, or breakfast burritos. These can easily be grabbed and eaten quickly at home or in the car if necessary.

Wake Up a Little Bit Earlier

One of the most effective ways to streamline child care mornings is to set your alarm clock to get up 15 to 30 minutes earlier than your child to complete certain tasks. You can use this time to have your shower, get dressed, and prepare food (if not batch cooking breakfasts) without distractions. This isn’t always easy, but a cup of coffee and getting some dedicated “you” time in the morning will help! Once your own preparations are under control, you can wake your little sleepy head and start to get them ready for their day.

Help Your Child Get Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Having a child in a good mood will definitely help make your morning routine run smoother. Give yourself the best chance of a good mood by waking them up with a calm and positive approach. If they’re still asleep, you can ease open the curtains and stroke their head. Maybe softly sing them a song to wake them up. If your child is very tired and/or cranky, you may need to revisit their bedtime to ensure they’re getting a proper amount of sleep.

Stay Positive

The positivity doesn’t just end when waking them up. Take an optimistic approach and keep the mood light and cheerful through the rest of your child care morning routine. When giving instructions, be mindful that you do it in a calm and clear way. Follow up with specific praise as soon as they start to cooperate.

If you find yourself feeling frazzled or rushed in your routine, take a second to take a deep breath and focus on remaining calm. If your child is playing up and not being cooperative, try and get them ready with as little fuss as possible. Don’t scold or chat, just do what is necessary to get out the door.

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Mornings can also be made a little easier when you and your child love your child care center!

It’s Time to Enroll in Quality Child Care

At the end of the day, there will always be rushed mornings and late starts that weren’t planned for. But using these tips might help everyone start their mornings on the right foot a little more often!

Mornings can also be made a little easier when you and your child love your child care center. If you’re looking for a quality center for your child, we’d love to be considered. At our daycare and preschool, we focus on the needs of very young children and will help your child grow with guidance and encouragement from our teachers. We strive to make a positive difference in the life of every child by partnering with parents to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing, educational, and individualized. Let us help your child learn, play, and grow.