Why Outdoor Play is Essential for a Child’s Healthy Development

February 22, 2023|Daycare, Preschool|

Outdoor play is not only fun but extremely beneficial for your child’s healthy development! Let’s go into the importance of playing outside, why it matters, and how a high-quality daycare program can ensure your little one receives it. The Importance ...

Learning Through Play – Its Importance in Early Childhood Development

November 18, 2022|Daycare, Preschool|

Research shows that learning through play is important to early childhood development. What does your child have to gain? Read on and learn about the key benefits learning through play has! The Value of Play Learning through play is an ...

How to Make Preschool Drop-Off a Positive Experience

September 23, 2022|Preschool|

Preschool drop-offs can be difficult for both children and parents, but that can change! Here are some tips to help make the drop-off experience more positive for all involved. Choose the School Carefully Before you can send your child off ...

Preschool vs Pre-K: The Similarities and Differences

August 25, 2022|Preschool|

Both preschool and pre-K curriculums address children’s needs, but they do so in certain ways. In this article, we’ll go over the similarities and differences between the two, so you can know which is right for your child’s needs! What ...

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