Is your little one at the age where you have started thinking about a preschool program but are still unsure if they are ready? While young children develop at different rates, there are some areas you can look at to see if your child is prepared. Here are some signs to help you determine the readiness of your child.

Is Preschool Necessary?

While attending a preschool program is not required for children, it’s something you might want to consider. Preschool can be great at helping your child develop social and academic skills, setting them up for success later on. In fact, recent research shows that the type of preschool your child attends may play an important role in their future academic success – and that play-based programs may be the most beneficial.

If you’re considering having your child attend preschool – that’s wonderful! But how do you know when they’re ready? Here are some signs your child is ready for preschool.

Signs Your Child Is Ready

They Can Spend Time Away from You

The most stressful part of the preschool transition can be the fear or separation anxiety. You aren’t the first to worry about how your child will handle being dropped off on their first day.

If your child has been cared for by a babysitter or a relative, she’ll be better prepared to separate from you when at a preschool program. Oftentimes, kids who are used to being apart from their parents bounce right into preschool!

If you’re not sure your child is ready, letting them stay with a babysitter or family member for the day will tell you. Remember: being nervous and some crying after you leave is normal. But crying and being upset all day long means they might not be ready for preschool yet.

They Can Focus on a Task

When you sit down to color or do a craft at home with your child, how long do these activities hold their attention?

Preschool usually involves lots of crafts and activities that require a bit of focus. Now, three- and four-year-olds don’t have the longest attention spans. But, if they can focus on a task for 10-20 minutes, they’re probably ready for preschool. Having at least some ability to focus before entering preschool will help your child make the most out of classroom activities and continue to develop their concentration skills.

They Can Participate in Group Activities

Many preschool activities, like “circle time,” require that children in the class participate at the same time. These interactions give children a chance to learn and play together. But they also mean everyone needs to sit still, listen, and participate when asked (like to sing a song as a group).

For children who are naturally active explorers and not ready to play with other children, these tasks can be difficult. While this means they may not be quite ready for preschool, this is a good opportunity to start introducing group activities. For example, you can take him to story time at your local library or sign up for an activity to help him get used to playing with other children.

They are Potty Trained

Not all preschools require children to be potty trained. However, it’s a good idea to enter a preschool program with this skill. This is so it’s easier for your child to have an enjoyable time and so they don’t feel behind compared to their peers. Of course, accidents can happen. If your child is on their way to potty training but needs a little support, our teachers Giggle and Grow can help you with this process.

They are Comfortable with Routine

Preschools typically follow a very predictable and structured routine. There is a set nap time, meal time, and time for activities. This is because children tend to feel most comfortable and in control when the same things happen at the same time each day.

Ask yourself: how would your child adjust to this type of day? If they feel comfortable with structure, they’ll love preschool!

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Let Us Be There for Your Child

If your child is showing signs they’re ready for preschool and you’re looking for the right preschool program in Gilbert, Arizona, Giggle and Grow may be the option for you and your child! Our preschool curriculum was designed to meet the developmental and social needs of children ages three to four years old. Learning concepts are presented in exciting ways that encourage self-discovery and confidence. And the use of songs, games, and crafts ensures that children learn in a fun and enriching environment.

We strive to make a positive difference in the life of every child by partnering with parents to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing, educational, and individualized. Let us help your child learn, play, and grow!