Did you know there are many benefits of having small class sizes in preschool? It’s true! Let’s go over why class size matters for preschool activities and learning.

Special Personalized Attention

One of the biggest reasons class sizes matter for preschool activities is it allows for more personalized attention. When teachers have to manage a big group, they may not be able to give their children all of the attention they need. When class sizes are small, they can take the time to get to know each child and understand what they need academically and emotionally. They also can provide instruction and interactions that are more meaningful and child-centered. Not to mention the personalized attention a child receives will help them feel secure in an environment away from home while lowering feelings of being overwhelmed.

The National Institute of Early Education Research states that “When groups are smaller and staff-child ratios are higher, teachers provide more stimulating, responsive, warm, and supportive interactions. They also provide more individualized attention, engage in more dialogues with children, and spend less time managing children and more time in educational activities. Studies also provide evidence of a link between class size and overall quality of the classroom.”

More Time for Teaching

Fewer children in one class means less time for teachers to spend managing little ones and keeping things in place. The fewer kids for a teacher to manage, the more time is allowed for various classroom activities. That means more time is spent on teaching important subjects, developing motor and cognitive skills, and learning good morale.

Not to mention teachers are happier and feel more fulfilled with smaller class sizes, meaning they can provide quality instructions. This results in them sticking around longer, giving your kiddos the benefit of happy, consistent caregivers.

More Hands-On Learning

When teachers have fewer children to handle, they can plan and include more hands-on activities in the day. This may sound like no big deal, but hands-on preschool activities are essential. Hands-on learning is the natural way preschoolers learn. When the hands are busy, the brain is active! Here are a few reasons why it’s so important:

  • Hands-on learning stimulates growth in the brain
  • It is a good pathway to improve fine motor skills
  • It engages children in problem-solving strategies and develops critical-thinking skills
  • Hands-on learning encourages multi-tasking through listening, speaking, touching, and using the senses to explore the environment
  • It allows children to interact with materials and make mistakes as they learn

The Classroom Becomes a Community

With smaller class sizes, preschool children find it easier to connect with their peers. This ease of connection can boost your child’s confidence from an early age and enables them to feel more comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas as they get older. It can also help them feel less anxious about morning drop-offs, as they are more familiar with everyone in their classroom.

Better for Health and Safety Concerns

Preschool class size doesn’t only impact each child’s ability to learn or develop. The overall number of children also has an effect on some health and safety issues.

The more people in one indoor space, the easier it is for viral particles to spread. Decreasing the number of children in a space will help decrease the spread of sniffles and other sicknesses. Fewer kids in one classroom will also allow the teacher to keep a close eye on accidents and boo-boos that occur.

Personalized Feedback for Parents or Guardians

With a smaller class size, parents or guardians can expect more personalized feedback from teachers on the behavior and performance of their children. With fewer kids, a teacher can notice a child struggling with a learning concept more quickly and let the parents know immediately what they’ve noticed. Small class sizes also create an opportunity for parents or guardians to speak and discuss often with the teacher and be directly involved with their preschooler’s education.

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